We will try to keep it short, friendly and simple.

General Terms

You have to agree to the following terms before using this service.

This service gives you no warranty for placed or missed bids. Although it's theoretically possible to miss your bid, but practically the rate of missing bids is very low and we continue working on improvement anyway.
All bids are placed on your behalf, but we are not involved in the actual transaction between you and your seller and so we are not responsible for any issues you might come up with your auction.
Your eBay account must be in good standing. If it has any limitations, the same applies to the sniper.
The service is being provided on AS IS basis. No liability for damages, fit for purpose, data loss, loss of profits or any other kind of loss.
We keep the right to deny the service to anyone at any time for any or no reasons.

When you link your eBay account to your sniper's account, it will not share your password information with the sniper. Your eBay account will be used to place bids on your behalf only. You have to use your own eBay account with this service.
You have to agree to all eBay agreements whichever applies to auctions you are managing. Item purchases are subject to eBay terms. eBay listings are the sole responsibility of the individual sellers.

Security is important for us: The sniper does not store your passwords. Your snipe data will be removed from our system automatically when inactive. You can always re-activate your account by loging in.
All client-server communications are encrypted.

Your bids are placed by a remote server no matter if your computer is online or offline. This means that you are not required to install any special software to use this web service.

All access to the service such as IP addresses are logged for security reasons and fraud prevention, and so required for normal service operation. Anonymized statistical information and crash reports are gathered for service's improvements.

All source code (including add-ons and other related plug-ins) is copyrighted material. Modification of the source code and other related files is not permitted without prior written approval.

eBay® is a registered trademark of eBay, Inc.
This service is not a subsidiary of eBay, Inc.


Myibidder stores eBay username and country/zip code when and only a valid eBay account is linked. The country and zip code are used to calculate shipping fees. Myibidder stores the country and zip code only, it does not store the full address.
Myibidder does not store any user passwords, instead it uses hash of the user's password only. eBay password is not being stored or even transmitted using Myibidder.
The session cookies are being used for normal site operation. The statistics cookies are used for anonymized statistical information.
Myibidder does not ask, store or process your name, full address or any other personal information.
If Myibidder account is not being used for several weeks, the account's data is purged automatically.
The account registration needs an email address only.
Your email address is required and used for the following purposes only:
a. To send snipe status notifications during your activity (on every snipe)
b. To send the Order Confirmation email for your Myibidder software purchases (one for each purchase)
c. To send any important notifications regarding your account
Myibidder does not share or distribute your email information to 3rd parties.

Use of Promo Code and Registration key for the stand-alone software

If you did not obtain your own registration key then you are licensed to use this software for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 30 days since installation. When this expiration period is ended you have to stop using this software or obtain your own registration key by purchasing online at Download page or contacting us using this Contact form.
If you bought the registration key for yourself or for somebody, you can not re-sell or re-destribute it by any means. This code is for you only or for the person you bought it for. If you use illegal registration key, your snipes may be deactivated.

Each Promo Code is limited to one person/household only.
Promo Codes can not be resold. We reserve the rights to cancel or change any Promo deals without notifications.