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Myibidder Support for stand-alone client applications
Mobile (Android, iOS, BB, webOS) App support
BETA TESTING: Myibidder Android app 2.1.x Sat Sep 07, 2019 02:57 AM Quote
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Version branch: 2.1.x

Hey there,

This is the first beta version of Myibidder app for Android platform.
It's a huge rewrite and re-design. Most, if not all, of the stuff were re-worked from scratch.

Since this is the first beta release, it WILL have various bugs here and there.
Feel free to report it here to make the app better.

If the forum won't be convenient enough for those reports, I'll consider creating a dedicated tracking for it. Let's try here first.

How to sign up:
If you did not sign up for beta testing, you can do it on Google Play using .
Or you can join manually on Google Play: open it using , scroll down to the "Join the beta" section and tap "Join".
If there are any serious issues with the beta version, you can always do "Leave" and re-download the original version.

Last edited on Tue Sep 10, 2019 03:04 AM.
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 Tue Sep 10, 2019 03:00 AM Quote
Posts: 3510
Member Since: Feb 13, 2008

Current issues and limitations:
Groups management is not available. You can add an item to existing Group only, but can't add/delete/manage Groups.
Some settings in the "Preferences" do not work.

Version 2.1.0
* Initial Beta version. Mainly as a proof of concept and device compatibility test

Version 2.1.1
* Added "eBay account" screen with current status (no linking from the app yet)
* Fixed an issue when images are not always loaded
* Various UI-related changes and fixes

Version 2.1.2
* Fixed an annoying bug showing "Offline data" popup when there are no items/groups in the list
* Fixed a minor issue when logout did not clean all pieces of data
* Some other minor changes under the hood

Version 2.1.3
* Add eBay items -> Browse eBay
* eBay Account: link/unlink
* Bunch of various minor fixes/improvements

Version 2.1.4
* Fixed the issue when "My Bid" is not populated properly
* Better item info changes propagation between screens

Version 2.1.5
* Show final price and status of ended listings
* Better data update propagation across screens
* Added "eBay link" verification option in the "eBay account" option

Version 2.1.6
* Better data cleanup on logout
* Bunch of minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.7
* Added "Preferences" screen
* Increased network timeout for slower connections
* Properly display back/forward buttons in internal browser

Version 2.1.8
* Various fixes regarding "Preferences" screen
* Properly check balance
* Check if snipe amount is lower than the current bid
* Various bug fixes

Version 2.1.9 & 2.1.10
* Added "Groups" screen (view-only, can't manage there yet)
* Database speed improvements
* Various bug fixes

Version 2.1.11
* Groups can be edited (can't add new Group using mobile app yet)
* Some improvements with Group changes
* A few bug fixes

Version 2.1.12 & 2.1.13
* Groups can be created and deleted
* Added a new Preferences setting for default "to win" for a new Group
* Bunch of various UI layout changes

Version 2.1.14 & 2.1.15
* Fixed the login issue with certain username/password combinations
* Various UI layout changes

Version 2.1.16, 2.1.17, 2.1.18, 2.1.19
* Dark theme test (can be enabled in "Preferences" menu option)
* Various theme-related fixes
* Fixed a bug when Groups are not reloaded when a new Group added
* Fixed a bug when Main screen does not get properly reloaded

Version 2.1.20, 2.1.21
* Restored missing "Terms" and "Version" buttons on the Login screen
* Various UI-related changes and fixes

Version 2.1.22 & 2.1.23
* Preferences menu completed (including server-based changes)
* Open 'eBay Account' when pressed 'eBay username'
* A few minor interface fixes

Version 2.1.24 & 2.1.25
* Fixed the issue when Groups are not loaded sometimes
* Fixed the issue when Items list may not refresh properly
* Some improvements for slower devices
* Various fixes related to dark theme
* Note: if data is not refreshing properly, just reinstall the app

Version 2.1.26
* Fixed when a Snipe could not be deleted properly
* Fixed the issue when Importing list may lose snipes
* Various minor fixes

Version 2.1.27
* Supports TouchID for unlocking access to the sniper (must be enabled in Preferences)
* Additional database optimizations
* Startup time is improved
* Various updates and speedups mostly for older Android devices
* Optimized size of the APK

Version 2.1.28 & 2.1.29
* Added an option to use external browser for opening eBay listings
* Show a proper popup when eBay link is not set on import
* Fixed issue when saving a Group
* Clarified status of eBay linking on some screens
* Changed Progress animation

Last edited on Mon Nov 11, 2019 05:47 AM.
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