Sniping with Myibidder.com

1. Q: Ok, I'm ready! How to use sniping on myibay.com?
2. Q: Can I snipe more than one auction?
3. Q: When my snipe will be placed?
4. Q: How to cancel my snipe?
5. Q: What's the latest I can put my bid for snipe?
6. Q: What's the latest I can cancel my snipe?
7. Q: Current bid is $10.00, my snipe at $30.00. What will happen?
8. Q: Do you have a software to manage it?
9. Q: Do you have a browser plugin for sniping?
10. Q: What is the time zone of Myibidder.com?
11. Q: What about Daylight Saving Time (DST) switch?
12. Q: How does it work with "Buy It Now" auctions?
13. Q: Why "current bid" is not current?
14. Q: My snipe was slightly higher, but I lost. Why?