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General Support for Myibidder service
Comments, Suggestions and Ideas
User Information Area Thu Oct 09, 2008 02:36 PM Quote

You have a nice service.

I did not do a search so this suggestion may be redundant.

One additional feature would help --- providing at least one place for user input about an item.

Perhaps two different areas to input information.

1. An area where an user can type general comments about the item (e.g. links where the the item can be purchased outside the auction, prices found, unique features about the item that make it more or less valuable, etc.).

2. An area (perhaps a column next to the max bid price) where an user can put a dollar amount (such as the dollar amount the item can be purchased for outside the auction).

These two areas would allow a user to research an item and type in his/her findings for later review.

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 Thu Oct 09, 2008 04:10 PM Quote
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Thank you for your suggestions.

1. This feature is implemented in Windows application as "Notes" which can be added to each item in your list.
Web-based interface will have the same thing, but some extra stuff needs to be done on its interface.

2. You can use "Notes" for this purpose.

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