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send email if bid goes over MAX Thu Oct 04, 2012 05:42 PM Quote
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New to the forums and sorry if this is a repost, I didn't see it when i tried searching first.

I have to say I love this site, so I bought the software.

Is there an option to be emailed if the bidding goes over MAX snipe bid so I don't have to wait till the end or come back later and see on my own that I was out bidded ?

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 Thu Oct 04, 2012 06:56 PM Quote
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There is no such option, and I don't think it will be.

Several reasons:
1. Sniping should help you to avoid being emotionally involved into bidding wars. If you get an email and start to increase your snipe based on somebody's else bid, you are getting emotionally involved.
Please consider your Snipe amount with your clear mind, not when somebody is trying to outbid it.
Add a few step increments if not sure or if you are bidding on something important.

2. Most of the time your snipe will be outbid in last minutes, so you will not have time to react anyway.
Also, monitoring the current bid in real-time is technically not possible, so you will get an extra delay because of that too and so most of the time that email will be late anyway.

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