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General Support for Myibidder service
General Myibidder support
Why does it appear:"You have too many Unpaid Item strikes" Thu Jun 04, 2020 08:24 AM Quote
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In the past few days, there have been three failed bids for this reason. I have already asked eBay's customer service and learned that my account has no restrictions. And at the same time I don't have any unpaid orders at all.
After this problem first appeared in the web version, I purchased the Windows version of the client and I hope that there will be no more problems, but it happened again.

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 Thu Jun 04, 2020 03:24 PM Quote
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Please avoid asking the same question multiple times. It will not speed up the response, but may add some confusion for you.

As I responded earlier, the eBay rep was confused with your question. The seller's restriction has nothing to do with your eBay account restriction.

If not sure, please place a minimum bid manually on eBay. If your manual bid did not work due to seller's restrictions, your snipe will not work too.
You need to work it out with your seller to be able to place bids before setting up your snipe.

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